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Bali Seafood Market-Jimbaran Bay

Everyone who has been in Bali knows well Jimbaran’s Bay seafood market. If you don’t, well, you are missing out an experience. Bali seafood is not just a local cuisine, it’s an adventure. For those of you who have never been, let Villa M Bali introduce you.

Jimbaran Bay is an area which is famous for seafood lovers, you will find bunch of an open air restaurants along the way. All restaurants offer mostly seafood and some of local famous dishes in their menu. All of the seafood is fresh, if it’s not, the restaurant could hardly stay in business. Upon entering the restaurant, you will find an aquarium full of manner of creatures- crab, fish, shellfish, prawn, etc, and you will proceed immediately to the ordering. You may have them in grill or deep fried, either one is still tastes good with or without steam rice along. The fresh sambal matah (Balinese most popular chili), it is a must to try. You may request more or less chili before they start making them. As the price of the seafood is value for money, with the table set up just few steep to the beach, and light up by candles, and live music to entertain throughout the night. While waiting for the food is ready, you may walk around in bare foot and feel the softness of Bali’s sand.

It did not take more than thirty minutes to reach Jimbaran’s area from Villa M, we are more than happy to make an arrangement at anytime you wish to go there and try Bali’s best local seafood.

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